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Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

A short time ago I saw an ad in the paper offering a free hearing test and being a senior decided to take advantage. I found the hearing test was being offered by Kirkham Hearing Solutions. I got lost, but with the help of a lovely lady named Dian and her directions by phone, drove right to their door. After having the test and seeing the results Al and I talked about financing and my position, and another appointment was made. When I got my second appointment, to my surprise Al had me a set of hearing aids with the wonderful news there would be no charge with the help available for seniors in Alberta. What he did for me that day was gave me back a life. I’ve not had for a long time and the thrill of being able to hear the questions my 3 year old great granddaughter asks and answer them properly. I’m enjoying TV shows without bothering anyone else is so wonderful. Thank you to Al, Dian and Kirkham Hearing Solutions with all my heart for what you’ve done for me. If I could have a wish come true it would be all seniors who have hearing issues see Kirkham Hearing Solutions ASAP, and start living again.

Marilyn E.


A simple act of Kindness has a beauty all its own. Thank you for always being so kind and helpful.

Betty Hill


My Mom has been seeing Nikki at the Chartwell Care Centre for a few months. I accompany her for these appointments and have been very impressed by the level of care she has been receiving. She is treated with kindness and respect that is not always shown to seniors. We hope Mom can continue to see Nikki for a long time to come Thank you so much.

Karen Kendrick


I’m reaching out to tell you how happy and impressed I am with your organization.

I had tried to schedule an appointment with other hearing clinics in the area and they were inflexible with appointment times that fit my schedule. After a few tries trying to arrange something I gave up on them.

A Google search led me to KIRKHAM HEARING SOLUTIONS. In no time I had an appointment scheduled that actually fit MY schedule.

There are not enough adjectives to fully describe how pleasant it is to deal with everybody at your office. The level of courteous service, knowledgeable staff and overall professionalism is over the top.

You have earned a customer for life. WELL DONE!

G. Routley


Thank you for changing the way I interact in groups, have conversation with background noise and hear little sounds every day.

Renai Sveinson


Recently I just purchased the Starkey Halo i110 hearing aids from Kirkham Hearing in Calgary.  Prior to that I had the Starkey S series hearing aids for 5 years. During that time I experienced some problems along the way, many which were my fault.  The Kirkham family would solve my problems without an appointment and without making me feel, shall we say, stupid. This totally impressed me, as there level of customer service was second to none. So when it came time to purchase my new hearing aids Mike Kirkham worked me through the process very professionally.  Needless to say my satisfaction level was COMPLETELY SATISFIED as they say in the car industry. I would recommend everyone needing a hearing aid to visit their office in Calgary. I am positive they will be 100 percent satisfied. Thank you Mike and the rest of the Kirkham family and staff for making my experience a positive one.

Jim H


I struggled for decades with my impaired hearing trying to communicate with people in social and business situations. A free hearing test from Kirkham Hearing Solutions discovered I had only 70 percent of my hearing left. I was reluctant to deal with my hearing problem and it was an emotional time for me. Al Kirkham and his son, Mike, understood my initial hesitation and provided patience and respect as they helped me through my journey on the way to full hearing.

The high quality, comfortable hearing aids were placed in my ears and immediately everything around me became clear and exciting. With the latest in wireless technology, I can enjoy conversations, music television and live sporting events. The personalized, programmable memory channels enable me to have 20/20 plus hearing and I can lower the background in noisy environments at any time. The hands-free wireless remote provides a broader range of control and the blue tooth technology makes telephone conversations so easy and enjoyable.

Since I made the decision to “hear” what the world has to offer, my self-confidence, speech and social comfort has increased exponentially. The investment is definitely worth it and my family and friends are happy to experience the positive changes in me.

If you have impaired hearing, I would encourage you to take the first step and walk through the doors of this professional, friendly and compassionate family business. You can be sure you made the right made the best decision!

Thank you so much to everyone at Kirkham for their contribution to this wonderful, new chapter in my life!

Larry Martinuzzi


“What can I say about Kirkham Hearing ?
The entire Kirkham Family as well as their staff are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are friendly, accommodating, and patient.

When you combine those highly valued intangible elements with their impeccable technical know-how and expertise, and finally top it all off with a genuine care and concern for their customers, you get a truly formidable force.

There are a lot of companies out there that can help you with your hearing concerns, however, I would highly recommend you make Kirkham Hearing your first and last stop in your search. I guarantee you will see why I did.

Carl K

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